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The National Parenting Center on awarding My Bully Book* their Seal of Approval:

If only we could live in a world where the Golden Rule was hardwired into our brains we would have no need for books like these. Reality being far from the ideal, bullying remains one of the most difficult subjects to help children through. Using bold illustrations and examples that are very current and topical, this book looks to open up the lines of communication about the issue. The book is not going to eliminate the problem but will give you the tools by which you can empower your child and help them discover ways to keep bullies and bullying at a safer distance.

*Formerly titled “Bullying, Why would you want to do that?”

Customer Comments

“Sid Goodman’s My Bully Book is an excellent book to use in classroom guidance lessons with 3rd and 4th grade students. The chapter topics provide a foundation for students to discuss situations that are real to them, allowing students to come up with the solutions rather than lecturing them about what not to do. The format allows this book to be used over several class sessions or as a refresher in classroom meetings or small group guidance.”

Kristy Prchal, San Diego Unified School District

“Thanks for letting us try out this book. The students really enjoyed it and were very engaged in the discussion questions and it was so nice to be able to let them have the book afterwards. I liked that the book is short, well organized, colorful, good size, just the right length , nice big pictures, excellent discussion questions and I like the bully points”

Doug Master, Counselor, San Diego